We frequently don’t believe if God’s fate determines man’s way of life. It happened with Soedirman’s story, an educator that his life no expected to become commander in chief of war.

When the first election commander in chief of soldiers attended in November 1945, Soedirman’s name entering and winning candidates of the election.

Since then, he had responsibility as a commander in chief of the People Security Army (TKR)—now called Indonesia National Army (TNI). As along with that, he had been making guerrilla in defending the homeland of the allied occupation (Dutch).

The Soedirman’s story was unique. Before being commander in chief, he had belonging in the military. When the Japanese Government established the defender of homeland (PETA) in 1943, Soedirman was recruited as Battalion commander. Through PETA, he learned many military tactics.

But, no expected that Soedirman being a leader of the People’s Security Agency (BKR) in soon, then being a commander of TKR in Purwokerto in a short time.

When occurred the Ambarawa war among people and allied forces in December 1945, Soedirman with his soldiers could win the war. Since his victory over the Ambarawa war, his reputation got famous rapidly.

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His military career was not getting three years. However, in the election of commander in chief, how could Soedirman defeat Oerip Soemahardjo that active at least 30 years in military service?

It was the highest military career escalation rapidly. I don’t know, maybe it was God’s Will.


Soedirman was not a pure army. His life is the same as the other civil society in common.

Raden Soedirman, his full name, born in Rembang Village, Bodaskarangjati, Purbalingga on 24 Januari 1916. Since a kid, he was educated as a Muslim and Javanese, like the general public: Mengaji and loving a shadow puppet.

Luckily, because the families were indigenous elite officials, then he got an education in Hollandsch Inlandsche School (HIS), then continuing in Meer Uitgbreid Leger Onderwijs (MULO) Wiworo Tomo.

His career increased significantly when entering Muhammadiyah after graduated from MULO. Soedirman acted as a member and being a figure in the scouting division namely Hizboel Wathan (HW) in Cilacap. He ctive as member of Pemuda Muhammadiyah.

He also got a mandate as a representative council of Pemuda Muhammadiyah in Banyumas, even promoted as representative in Central Java territory.

Besides that, he was also active as an educator in HIS Muhammadiyah. Though he did not have a background as an educator, Soedirman still could work professionally. Moreover, he was regarded as headmaster in HIS Muhammadiyah Cilacap.

As a Muslim, Soedirman was a devoted prayer and live simply. He was regarded as a pious, diligent, and hardworking man.

The General Soedirman personal advisor, Harsono Tjokroaminoto, recognized it. According to him, Soedirman’s behavior was simple and humble since a kid, moreover until the end of his life, even though had being a commander in chief (International Conference on Social Science and Character Education, Atlantis Press, 2018)

With the basics of Islam and patriotism, Soedirman had been teaching many people on preaching and struggling for so that loving homeland, and advancing education for indigenous groups.

He didn’t care about matters. He was aware of the progress and independence of the nation.


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